Our Family Ministry curriculum is “Reveal: Knowing the Story of God and His People”. We find throughout scripture that God makes Himself known through His Mighty Acts (see image below). Every year as our families journey through these Mighty Acts the story of God unfolds. Each story reveals the deep truths of God and who we are as His people and answers two important questions, “What is the truth we learn about God?" and "What is the truth we learn about ourselves?”


We provide a home element with each lesson. These practical ideas provide an opportunity for families to talk about and live out the Deuteronomy 6 model in their everyday lives; as they sit at home, drive along the road, go to bed, and when they wake up.


Our prayer is that through “Reveal” our families come to know God and experience His love and power through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of God’s great promise for all eternity.