Jesus responded, "Salvation has come to this home today...For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost."

Luke 19: 9a-10


Gary & Pam
Steve & Teresa
Brian & Laura Beth


Stan & Roy

Areas of Responsibility

Domestic Missions, Greece, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mission Trips, Other Missions Organizations

(Athens, Greece)

(Medillin, Colombia)

Luis and Damira work as part of a team doing evangelistic mission work in Medillin, Colombia. They work with the Los Colores congregation in their evangelistic outreach and also help with other congregations in other areas that come to Los Colores for help in spreading the gospel. Medillin is located in the Andes Mountains in South America.


Daniel & Evelyn
La Hispanola Biblical Institute
(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

La Hispanola Biblical Institute trains Bible teachers, preachers, evangelists, and any others interested in learning more about the Bible and how to spread the love of Jesus. The school has classes in various areas of Santo Domingo and in other locations in the Dominican Republic.

The director of the institute is Daniel:


Health Talents International (Guatemala)

Health Talents International is a group of Christian people dedicated to teaching and healing in the name of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician.

The organization was begun by God’s providence in 1973 and has evolved into a very effective logistical and support group for medical evangelism among Churches of Christ.


Eastern European Missions
(Vienna, Austria)

The headquarters for Eastern European Missions is in Vienna Austria. It produces many Bibles and a lot of literature that is used in many countries throughout eastern and central Europe.

Great Cities Missions

Mission Resource Network

MedRim Missions | Mediterranean RIM Initiative

MedRim Missions is a team of families and individuals who are preparing to join God’s work among Muslims and refugees around the Mediterranean. Their vision is to see a Spirit-led movement of disciples who make disciples among multiple people groups. As a team, they have determined their role to be catalysts, who identify and disciple existing community leaders and then encourage and support those leaders to be the main Christian influences in their own communities.

There are over 21 Million people who have fled their home countries in the last 2 years. Over 10 Million of these Refugees have entered Greece. The world has called this The Refugee Crisis, however, this is a Kingdom opportunity for God’s people to reach one of the world’s largest unreached people groups that have seemed impenetrable for the past 1400 years.

Over the last 1400 years, the Muslim world has been essentially unreachable. Christianity is forbidden in many countries and these countries have intense social and family pressure to adhere to Islam. However, God is moving in a mighty way among the Muslim world. From 600-1900 AD (1300 yrs) 2 movements of only 100 or more churches were planted and only 1,000 or more people were baptized. From 1900-2000 (100 yrs) there were 11 movements. From 2000-2018 (18 yrs) there have been at least 69 movements.

Who would have dreamed that out of the last 1400 years God would choose right now as the time for His Kingdom to ignite and burn like a mighty wildfire through the Muslim world? 4 of 7 Muslims entering Europe report visions or dreams of Jesus before reaching Europe. Radical Islam, terrorism, and immigration are all crises, but God is using them to help desperate people know Jesus. Many view this as a crisis, but we see this as a Kingdom opportunity for God to bring one of the largest unreached people groups in the world to Himself.